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Linux and the GNU System

Linux and the GNU System

by Richard Stallman

For more information see also the GNU/Linux FAQ, and Why GNU/Linux?

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What Linux distribution do I use?

What distribution do I use?

One of the first questions that you probably have about Linux is "What distribution do I use?" Indeed, this is one of the most frequently asked questions on our forums.
Some of the possible answers to this question are:

Use the distribution that the Linux guru next door uses, so if you have any problems you can ask him or her for help
Use vmware and create virtual machines to try out what distro you like best
Distro comparison - Which distribution provides what advantages

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GNU/Linux Mini-HowTo

The solutions of some issues of Linux users which do not demand large instructions will be placed here. Running one or some commands in a terminal window is enough to resolve these questions.

How can I channel voice from a microphone into speakers?
I want both me and my Skype pal can hear my voice from PC-speakers.
How to set up MIC to sing karaoke?