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The information contained on our website is for informational purposes only. We're going to place here interesting news of IT-world, a recommendations of choosing hardware and software, the ways of defence and curing of different malware and viruses. Also the articles about subtleties of hardware and software configuration, updating drivers and firmwares, ways of repair the notebooks, PC components, monitors, printers, copiers, MFP and other equipment will be placed here. The technical personal will be able to find here an information of various possibilities to flash, unlock and tune different software, notebooks, PC, MFP, copiers, print cartridges and other technics.

The website can contain an information of redesign software or hardware. We always try to warn you that these operations can cause on loosing both warranty and operability.
The authors and website administration are not responsible for any trouble caused with flash firmware, the hardware redesign, or using aftermarket parts, hardware and expendable materials.

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Since our work seems to be rather practical than theoretical so most materials published here taken from the personal experience, and tested "in the battle fields" as they say. Our so-called "battle fields" are IT-outsourcing, IT-sale, IT-installation, web-design, repair of PC, notebooks and other equipment.

We are always open to new projects, proposals of cooperation, placing technical and promotional information on our resources.

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